• MatchBomb Pancake Recipe

    Ingredients 1 Scoops 'RSP Matcha Bomb™️ Vanilla Chai' 2 Ripe Bananas1 Cup Gluten Free Flour3/4 Cup Almond Milk 1/4 Cup WaterPinch of CinnamonPinch Baking SodaPinch Apple Cider Vinegar Walnuts   Directions Mash bananas and add all ingredients, except the walnuts, in a bowl and mix well. Heat an... View Post
  • True Fit Cinnamon Churro Overnight Oats

    Ingredients 1 Cup Oats 1 tsp Chia Seeds 1 Cup Almond Milk 1/2 Cup Water 1/2 Scoop True Fit Cinnamon Churro    Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats Mix all above ingredients with diced apples in mason jar or container. Let soak overnight. Next day, top with apples, almond butter, and sliced almonds. ... View Post
  • MatchaFit Frappe

    Recipe by Melissa McCoury Ingredients 1 scoop RSP Cinnamon Churro TrueFit1 scoop RSP Vanilla Chai Matcha Bomb6 oz unsweetened almond milk4 oz water1/4 cup ice1 teaspoon cinnamon   Directions Blend all ingredients except the teaspoon of cinnamon until they are properly mixed. Pour into glass,... View Post