May 23 2022

Blood Orange and Mango Recovery Smoothie

  Summer is coming in hot, so we brought you a delicious and hydrating smoothie recipe! This smoothie was made with our post-workout AminoLean RECOVERY which has electrolytes and minerals for rapid hydration, plus an immunity boost and essential aminos for recovery.    Ingredients:...

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March 18 2022

Grapefruit and Banana Protein Smoothie for Weight Loss

By: Kelly Morgan   It's cutting season! If you're looking for something to help you stay in a calorie deficit during your cut, this grapefruit and banana protein smoothie is low calorie, high protein, and great for burning fat. Serving size: 2 Ingredients 1...

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January 24 2022

Cinnamon Roll Baked Oats

Start the day with a sweet and savory protein-filled breakfast! These Cinnamon Roll Oats are surprisingly healthy & give a healthy spin to a childhood treat favorite

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December 28 2021

Healthy Treat Swaps For Your 2022 Diet

Did you over-indulge a little on your holiday treats? We’ve all been there. Let’s start this year off with some healthy treat swaps that still let you enjoy your sweets, but help you do it in a smart way.

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December 20 2021

5 Nutritional Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

 If you have limited time, learn the easy-to-make yet nutritious recipes to sort your dietary routine. Here are the top recipes that fulfill your nutritional requirements.

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December 07 2021

Candy Cane Protein Truffles

Tis’ the season for guilt-free holiday desserts! Stay ready this winter season with these delicious high-protein Candy Cane Protein Truffles! Not only will you and your family love eating these minty-fresh treats, you’ll also enjoy making them! This recipe was made using...

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December 03 2021

Hot Cocoa Protein Cookies

To celebrate National Cookie Day, we made the perfect holiday cookies! These Hot Cocoa Protein Cookies taste just like a cup of hot chocolate, minus the sugar and high calories.

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November 17 2021

Smoothies in Flavors of the Season

By: Kelly Morgan There's no better way to celebrate the holiday season than with some sweet treats! Holiday desserts are extremely popular this time of year, but they can be high in calories and have tons of sugar. If you're craving a holiday treat,...

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November 16 2021

High Protein Smoothies

These High Protein Smoothies will keep you full and energized all day long while helping you reach your fitness goals!

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