Our Story

A man drinks AminoLean Energy blue raspberry pre workout powder. On right store shelf with other brands of supplements.

Evolving Landscape

In 2008, former collegiate athlete, Victor Davanzo, recognized that the world of fitness and nutrition was evolving. Friends and family bought more organic, natural foods and performance training was no longer just for athletes. Busy professionals were pushing themselves to new heights with HIIT, CrossFit, and Metcon style training.

A lot of supplement jars and bottles in the store rack.

Out with the Old

Victor loved a lot of these changes. It was easy to find delicious real foods and workouts that would push him mentally and physically, similar to when he was an athlete. He sought convenient nutritional products that would support his fitness journey as a busy professional - whether at home, the office, or the gym. However, trips to the local supplement shops to find protein, vitamin, or energy supplements often left him unsatisfied. Many were difficult to understand and even contained ingredients that were unnatural, dangerous, or even illegal. These experiences begged the question, “why don’t sports nutrition companies make safe, healthy products for everyday fitness and wellness needs?”. With no answers on the market, Victor made the decision to leave his comfortable office job behind and pursue a solution.

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RSP Nutrition Is Born

Clean, innovative nutritional products for active people, busy professionals and fitness enthusiasts. The concept was novel at the time but it became our mission - our obsession. We sought to inspire active individuals to become their best selves without sacrificing the rest of their lives. We accomplish this by creating products that are convenient, effective, easy to understand, and use only clean, proven ingredients. At RSP Nutrition, our products put a premium on performance – without asking you to sacrifice the life you’ve worked so hard to earn. We live inspired by demanding the best of ourselves and our products, and by inspiring others to ask the same of themselves.