Supplements for endurance training

Supplementing for Endurance Trainining

Supplementing for Endurance Trainining

Last time you saw a supplement ad, you probably also saw someone in a gym, lifting weights. In reality, though, weightlifting is far from the only form of exercise that necessitates supplementation.

Often, endurance training is more accessible than weightlifting. Endurance exercises, such as running, cycling, and plyometrics, can be completed in the gym or on-the-go without expensive equipment. Not to mention, virtually all fitness enthusiasts, competitive athletes, bodybuilders and Crossfitters recognize the importance of aerobic activity. It helps regulate our hearts and lungs. It improves other dimensions of training. And it helps us stay lean.

Aerobic activity, creates just as big a need for supplementation as resistance training. Here are our supplementation tips for endurance training and every level of cardio in between:


Protein does far more than build muscle, it provides the body with amino acids, which are the building blocks of nearly every bodily tissue. Without adequate protein intake – and especially during endurance training – your body enters a catabolic state in which your muscle is broken down for its amino acids. By supplementing with a whey protein like IsoPost or TrueFit you avoid many of the adverse catabolic effects of endurance training.


Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, but during endurance training, the body rapidly depletes its glutamine stores. In addition to hampering recovery, glutamine depletion can adversely affect overall health, because it plays a role in regulating the immune and digestive systems. By simply adding in a glutamine supplement to your endurance training routine, you can help replenish glutamine levels and ensure that you aren’t short-changing recovery, nor compromising immune or digestive health.

Branched Chain and Essential Amino Acids

Amino acid supplements are ideal for endurance training. They provide an influx of amino acids that enhance protein synthesis (repair/growth of muscle), and additionally can be used as substrates to provide energy for the body during endurance training. Studies also suggest that amino acids help decrease lactate production, further increasing endurance training capacity. Products like AminoLean and AminoFocus are perfect for aerobic training, as they provide natural energy and focus in addition to their strong amino profiles. AminoFocus also contains Alpha GPC, a potent nootropic, which supports focus and mental clarity, allowing athletes to “zone in” and concentrate while performing complicated movements.

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