Essential core and cardio circuit

Essential Core and Cardio Circuit

Essential Core and Cardio Circuit

By Quianna Burgess

When it comes to tightening and strengthening your core, I have discovered the perfect recipe. What is the key ingredient? Constant movement! The trick is to pair 1-2 cardio exercises, with 2-3 core exercises for the perfect ab burning circuit. This core and cardio circuit requires zero gym time and no equipment. All you will need to perform these exercises is your own body weight!

Here’s how to perform your Essential Core and Cardio Circuit:

You will be given two cardio exercises and three oblique exercises. Make sure to perform each exercise for one minute without stopping! These exercises can be performed at your own pace, as long as you maintain steady movement throughout. Take a 30 second rest between exercises and move onto the next. Each circuit is to be completed three to five times with a two-minute break between each round.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, circuit training is essential for EVERYONE! Now let’s get ready to crush it!

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