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The perfect combo to fuel your workouts


The perfect combo to fuel your workouts

By Registered Dietician Mona Cabrera


Have you ever wondered how to use your pre workout supplement and your whey protein to maximize your efforts in the gym? Together, these supplements work together as the perfect combination to help burn fat and build muscle.


Your pre-workout, like AminoLean, can help enhance your workout potential. If you're looking for a plant based pre workout supplement, our AminoLean is available as a vegan pre workout in 3 delicious flavors! Its combination of both BCAAs and EAAs with a focus and energy blend can be used before your workout or anytime for a clean energy boost naturally sourced from green tea. Each serving contains 125mg of caffeine that won’t leave you crashing or with the jitters like other pre-workout supplements - which is why it's such a great pre workout for women.


Taking AminoLean to fuel up 20-30 minutes before a workout will help you pump out stronger and more thorough work outs due to the BCAAs (Brand Chain Amino acids) EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) in each scoop. You'll feel a noticeable and immediate effect. Not only do EAAs and BCAAs support muscle growth, studies have shown that they can help with muscle fatigue and soreness. Taking AminoLean will improve your recovery, which will set you up for success during your next workout. 

TrueFit, your grass-fed whey protein powder,can be used post-gym. Our TrueFit meal replacement powder is also available in a plant protein powder suited for a vegan lifestyle. Consuming a protein shake within 2 hours of your workout is optimal time for muscle growth and is often easier on digestion and more convenient than having a meal post-workout. Protein after a workout helps repair muscle damage and fasten recovery after a workout, so using 20-40mg of TrueFit protein after exercising may help your body’s ability to recover faster. Since proper hydration is also key in your athletic performance, drinking a pre-workout and post-workout protein drink will help you get in fluids that will help build muscle strength, control and endurance.


But not all protein shakes are created equal. You may find that some protein powders contain corn syrup, added sugar, partially hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, and even chemical preservatives. And while some of them are marketed for weight loss, they contain more added sugar than they do protein. Check those labels! 


Together, BCAAs and protein can act as a dynamic duo for lean muscle growth and recovery, with less down-time and faster progression towards your goals.

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