Superfood smoothie bowl for muscle growth with raspberries, yogurt, and oats

Top 5 Meals for Muscle Growth


Top 5 Meals for Muscle Growth

By: Riley Mushkin

In the fitness industry, there is always talk about dieting and how to lose weight. Now, let’s talk about how to grow muscle. The most important thing to consider when trying to grow muscle is fueling your body with nourishing foods that support an increase in muscle mass. This means prioritizing protein and carbs (yes, carbs!) and even upping your caloric intake. Below we have compiled a list of delicious meals that will help you on your journey to gaining muscle. 


Baked Protein Oats



If you’ve visited the fitness side of social media lately, you know the latest craze: baked oats. These bowls are healthy, nutritious meals full of protein and carbs to keep you full throughout the day. There are many variations of this delicious meal (or desert--we can’t decide!) and a quick browse through TikTok or Instagram will give you many great options. We love this recipe for carrot cake baked oats that uses TrueFit meal replacement powder to add a protein-baked punch to this sweet treat for a pre workout or post workout meal.


Salmon with Rice and Veggies


 Salmon is a great source of protein as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Each 3-oz serving of this yummy fish contains about 22 grams of proteins and about 2 grams of omega-3s. Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in muscular health and are even thought to increase muscle gain when eaten while on an exercise program! Bake it or grill it with your favorite seasoning and pair it with some brown rice and vegetables for an all-around healthy meal. Think this meal is too light for your personal muscle gain goals and want to boost your caloric intake more? Double up on rice servings or drink a TrueFit meal replacement shake as a protein-packed dessert! 


Protein-packed Superfood Smoothie


 A staple to any fitness junkies diet is a protein shake. While in a calorie deficit you may use protein powder to make a meal replacement shake, when trying to gain muscle you should add fruits and greens to increase the volume and nutrition of your shake. Try adding spinach or kale to your next smoothie for additional greens, along with your usual fruits--if you don’t have a “usual,” do some experimenting and find what you like! Include greek yogurt for a richer flavor and thicker consistency, plus an extra boost of protein! Other options include adding fruits like bananas and mango, oats, or even avocado for more carbs and healthy fats. 


Burrito Bowl


 Who doesn’t love to get a Chipotle bowl every once in a while? But, did you know that you can build your own burrito bowl at home for a high-protein post workout meal? Grill some chicken or beef and add it with your favorite burrito ingredients: rice, beans, lettuce, and even salsa! Top with a few slices of avocado for some healthy fats and you’ve got a delicious and easy burrito bowl. 


Nutritious Breakfast Sandwich


Breakfast sandwiches are great for hitting all the major food groups while also getting enough protein. Fry an egg, cook some turkey bacon, and spread some avocado on a bagel or english muffin--we love Dave’s Killer Bread protein-packed options. It is a tasty and filling way to start your day, and there are endless options and combinations!

All of these meals are healthy, nutritious, and most importantly, delicious. If your goal is increasing muscle mass, you should be eating foods that fuel your body and give you the energy to complete your workouts and nutrients to help your body recover. Prioritize eating lots of protein and complex carbs to support muscle growth. Need an energy boost for your weight training? Try AminoLean energy as a pre workout drink that will help you stay focused and energized as well as promote muscle recovery. 

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