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Lose the 'Quarantine 15' With 8 Easy Tips from a Celebrity Trainer & Dietitian


Lose the 'Quarantine 15' With 8 Easy Tips from a Celebrity Trainer & Dietitian

We're coming up on one year inside of the house, one year wearing sweatpants constantly and for some, one year of a wellness routine that *may* be leaving you feeling less-than-inspired. Cue the Quarantine 15, a trendy name for the weight gain associated with COVID-19's quarantine orders.


With the vaccine on the horizon, we've heard a ton of buzz from RSP customers who are looking to shed some pounds in order to look and feel their very best once we all start steppin' out! We went straight to the professionals for this one, and sat down (virtually, of course) with Registered Dietitian, Tony Castillo and Celebrity Trainer, CJ Hammond to get the low-down on 8 tips and tricks for crushing the quarantine 15.



FOOD RELATED TIPS from Registered Dietitian, Tony Castillo 


Cook at home

Yes, it may be easier to order food with an app, but cooking at home can save you some cash and calories. Most foods from a restaurant have added butter or oil which can add 200-500 calories extra per meal. If you commit to cooking at least one meal at home per day, you are headed in the right direction to lose the Quarantine 15.


Prioritize Protein

It may sound simple but many people forget to add protein to every meal. Protein helps keep you fuller longer and helps your body turn on a muscle-building switch. The goal should be to have protein every 3-4 hours. Need help getting your protein in? Meal replacement shakes like True Fit Grass Fed Protein Powder, TrueFit plant protein powder, and TrueFit Shake can help you get your protein up and help your body get muscle, omit snacking cues and feel fuller for longer. At RSP, we recommend subscribing to your TrueFit meal replacement powder and/or your TrueFit protein shake so that you never run out. Staying prepared is key for success, plus when you subscribe, you are guaranteed savings each time your order ships.


Eat Breakfast

Would you drive your car without gas? Then why are you training in the morning fasted or working from home without eating? When it comes to breakfast it doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Having greek yogurt and fruit, or a sandwich with deli meat is an easy and quick breakfast. Eating breakfast can help you from overeating later on. Don't try to "save" your calories - it rarely works out as planned!


Add Color

Looking at a plate, how many colors does it have? Most plates are filled with white and brown. Try making it a goal to have at least 4 colors on your plate. Those colors should be coming from fruits and vegetables. This will not only help you feel full but give you those natural vitamins and minerals. 


FITNESS RELATED TIPS from Celebrity Trainer,  CJ Hammond



Set reasonable and attainable goals

If you are new to working out and have never been in a routine (or are getting yourself back into a routine), setting realistic and attainable goals for yourself is key. Instead of saying "I am going to workout 5 times a week”, try 3 times a week to start off. Give your body a chance to adapt and make sure you are consistent at 3 times a week before adding days. 


Drink Plenty of Water

This is one of the most important but neglected aspects of losing weight or getting in shape. It’s not as easy as it sounds!  Make an effort to drink as much water as possible. The more water your body holds, the less fat it needs to store, the less you will snack and the better you will feel.


Strength Training should be your focus!

Yes, cardio is great for burning calories, but strength training should be the focus when getting in shape and losing weight. Whether you use weights or your own body weight, strengthening your joints and muscles through full range of motion moves will enhance whatever goals you have for yourself. Whether you are looking to gain muscle OR lose weight, strength training is an absolute must. When your body contains more lean muscle mass, you burn fat more efficiently and develop a faster metabolism over time - while cardio is great for heart health, cardio doesn't get you long-term weight loss or management results.  


Don’t get fixated on the scale 

One of the main things I tell clients is not to get frustrated with the scale weight. Your weight fluctuates daily and weekly and a lot of times it’s the last thing one should worry about. Instead focus on your progress in strength training and cardio exercises. Look at how your clothes are fitting and waist size. Don’t let the scale defeat you. Losing one pound a week is the healthy average for weight loss but remember that weightless is not a linear journey and fluctuations are normal. 




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