Simple guidelines for the fit professional

Simple Guidelines for the Fit Professional


Simple Guidelines for the Fit Professional

Our society can impose a “one track” attitude when it comes to achieving your goals. If your passion is fitness, you have to be all in to win. For the career-minded, you have to eat, breathe and sleep it. No matter your passions, you may feel the pressure to “have it all” and make it all look easy. At RSP we strive to make it a bit easier to balance wellness and the rest of your life. We often receive questions about how to stay on the path to wellness when outside pressures mount. One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is:

“how can I get fit while also getting ahead in my career?”

We understand that taking the next step as a professional may mean long hours away from a gym or trail and far too much time around unhealthy, processed foods. So, if you’re looking for a happier balance between career and fitness, here are some tips from a few fit professionals.

  1. Efficient Meal Prep
Preparation is necessary when you live a busy lifestyle. When you aren’t prepared, you may make poor food choices simply out of necessity. Stephanie Marti, Esq. of Johnson | Dalal Law Firm says “It’s by no means an easy task to maintain a healthy lifestyle while also being a full time professional. I recently entered the work force full time and I’m quickly starting to realize how much preparation and dedication is needed in order to maintain my ideal physique. I sit behind a desk all day and by the time I leave work I am exhausted, sometimes to the point where I have lost all motivation to go to the gym. I find that it is best to pack my lunches and dinners beforehand and bring them to work with me. It helps me stay on track and avoid going out to eat on my short lunch breaks and opting to eat something quick and unhealthy for example. I have also started eating a small dinner before I leave the office, bringing a change of clothes with me, and going straight to the gym after work. That has helped me stay on track.”
  • Meal prepping can seem intimidating; but, simple tricks can turn an all-night cooking experience into an enjoyable experience that you can complete in 30-45 minutes each day.
    • Mason Jar Salads: Place your favorite healthy salad dressing at the bottom of your mason jar, add in seeds or nuts to create a barrier from the dressing. Next add in your crisp veggies (carrots, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, onions), and then add your leafy greens and any other toppings you might enjoy. Once you’re done, tighten your lid and refrigerate until you’re ready to eat. Simply shake and enjoy.
    • Purchase ready-to-eat whole roasted chicken; save the chicken breast for salads and enjoy the dark meat with some veggies and Jasmine rice.
    • Keep healthy snacks readily available. Packing some nuts, fresh fruit, or even a protein bar can keep you satisfied and focused during your work day. RSP’s Protein Brownie is packed with 16g of Protein and 4g of Fiber, to keep you feeling full longer.
  1. Stay Hydrated
    • We know. You have heard it all before. Drink one ounce of water per pound of body weight. Drink 8 glasses a day. Drink 1mL for every kcal consumed.  At the end of the day, hydration is very individualized, but staying hydrated is key for brain clarity and physical function.
    • Bored with just plain water? Martin Gelbspan, a Real Estate Professional of Gelbspan Group, also has a hard time with just water and turns to AminoLean to add flavor while also staying hydrated and energized throughout the work week. “Working 15-16 hour days, doing property showings, jumping from meeting to meeting and then getting into the gym requires that little extra push that AminoLean always delivers, and the taste is amazing. Especially Pink Lemonade!”
  2. Find Time to Stretch
    • Sitting all day can be strenuous on your body. When you find time before, during or after the work day, decompress with a full body stretch. Foam rollers can be a great tool when it comes to muscle and tension release. Just ten minutes of stretching every night can help keep your body aligned and refreshed.
    • “Mobility work is essential and can be done so in many ways. For example, Yoga. Yoga takes you through various movements, increasing your range of motion without necessarily forcing you to hold a static stretch. “Other great mobility techniques I’ve used include band stretching and foam rolling. Honestly, there are plenty of great strategies out there, and I urge you to try them out and find out what works best for you. You can thank me later,” says Gelbspan.
  3. Exercise Regularly, But In a Way That Works for You
    • Regular exercise can have an incredible effect on your mood, stress level, sleep and even your confidence.
    • Manning Sumner, owner, founder and head trainer of Legacy Fit Gyms states, “I am a big believer in everyone responds differently. It’s not about the ‘best’ thing, but rather the ‘best thing for you’. Find out what works best for you and your schedule and commit to that to develop consistency and routine in your life. Do not set yourself up for failure. Find what works for you and stick with it.”
  4. Create Healthy Sleeping Habits to Ensure Consistent Rest
    • Again, you have heard it before, and we know it may seem impossible to achieve with your schedule; but, getting adequate sleep each night really does significantly improve your health and productivity. Here are some tips to try to optimize sleep when you are able to get it:
      • Schedule your sleep times. Creating a ritual in which you’re in bed at the same time most nights, will help to establish a sleep-wake cycle, allowing you to sleep better and deeper.
      • Avoid stressful emails, calls, and work-related incidents before bed. We understand that sometimes emergencies occur, but resist the temptation to double and triple check emails before shutting it down for the night. Instead unwind with a book, a soothing beverage, or even a light-hearted conversation with someone in your personal life.
      • Try to shut off all contact to the outside world for an hour or two before bed each night allows you to disconnect and embrace the other parts of your life (family, significant others, friends).
      • Avoid stimulants 3-5 hours before bed time (depending on sensitivity)

We believe you should not have to sacrifice the life you’ve worked so hard to earn in order to pursue your health and fitness goals. So give these tips a try, figure out what works best for you, and continue on the path towards becoming your best self!

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