One dumbbell full body circuit

Full Body Circuit with One Dumbbell


Full Body Circuit with One Dumbbell

 By: TwoTonedTraining



This full body workout can be performed anywhere- all you need is one dumbbell! We recommend taking our pre workout AminoLean before, which is rated as the best pre workout for women by Amazon. Our AminoLean has essential amino acids, natural caffeine from green tea extract, and it aids with weight management.


Perform each move for 45 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds in between.

Repeat full circuit 3 times.



Weighted switch squats

Fully extend arm with dumbbell in-between legs in squat position. Palms facing towards you, chest tall. High pull dumbbell while extending legs, switch dumbbell to other hand in air while returning to starting squat position. Repeat.


Deadlift to Squat

Hinge at the hips to lower dumbbell along the front of your legs. Pause when torso is parallel to ground. Tight core while keeping back straight to lift back, curl dumbbell and jump into squat position. Return to standing position and repeat.

Lunge to knee drive pass through

Knee drive with right leg while passing dumbbell to other hand under knee driven leg. Step back with same leg and pass dumbbell back through legs. Repeat.

Split squat to overhead press

Start in split squat position with right knee in front, left knee hovering over ground facing towards your right with dumbbell held in left hand next to body (arm extended). Extend legs while snatching dumbbell and extending arm into overhead press.  Return dumbbell in front of your hips and switch hands. Repeat on other side.

Push-up Pass Through

Place dumbbell on the outside of your right hand. Push up and pull dumbbell through with left hand moving it to the outside of your left hand. Repeat on other side.

Weighted switch swings

Hold dumbbell with right hand in between legs. Soften knees, shift bodyweight into heels, and lower butt back and down toward the wall behind you. Driving through heels, explode through hips to send weight swinging upward from quads. Aim for chest height, let go of dumbbell and grab with left hand and repeat. 

Bicycle Twists

Tuck knee in and rotate core to touch dumbbell down on side where knee is tucked. Opposite leg extended. Tuck opposite leg (extend other) and repeat.  

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