Seven must-have keto essentials for your keto diet

7 Must-Have Keto Essentials


7 Must-Have Keto Essentials

A few years ago, the keto diet gained mainstream popularity with stories of success ranging from weight loss, increased energy to mental clarity. The truth is, that the ketogenic diet has been around for over 100 years now - this diet is no fad! 

When you begin a keto lifestyle, it’s key to be prepared - your success in the keto diet will be largely dependent on how well prepared you are to stay in ketosis.

We’ve rounded up our favorite keto supplements, kitchenwares and snacks to help make your lifestyle transition as easy as possible. 

Keto BHB Capsules 


Keto BHB Capsules can help stimulate a metabolic shift from carb dependence to help increase mental cognition, training capacity and provide an immediate sustained energy source. They help accelerate ketosis, while boosting energy and focus. 

AvoCollagen Collagen Peptides 


AvoCollagen combines premium hydrolyzed collagen peptides with nutrient-dense avocado oil to promote strong joints, strong bones and healthy hair, skin and nails. Bonus - collagen is pasture raised and grass fed. Add it to your post workout smoothie for a boost of protein that is still keto friendly.

Dash Egg Bite Maker 


Make healthy, keto friendly, and delicious egg bites at home for meal prep, snacks on-the-go, and more! Egg bites are an incredible protein-dense snack - in each egg bite you can fit roughly 12g of protein per serving! 

Plantpower Sandwich Thins 


Finally a keto sandwich option that has taste and texture working in its favor. These sandwich thins by Outer Aisle are ideal for making every lunch option taste that much better.

Keto Bars by Good Lovin’


These mint chip keto bars are the ideal snack on-the-go. They satisfy that sweet craving without the calories and carbs that normally come with it. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Packed with healthy fat and protein to fill you up for hours.

Grass Fed Ghee 


Have you tried ghee, aka - clarified butter yet? Traditionally used in Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisine, ghee can be used to cook with and provides a slightly nutty flavor to any dish. We highly recommend giving it a shot!

Avocado Splitter


This one should come as no surprise. You’re about to be eating a lot of avocados. It’s time to prepare your kitchen! Avocado can be incorporated into many easy keto snacks, pre workout, and post workout meals as a healthy source of fats. 

We hope these simple, go-to essentials make your entrance into the keto lifestyle a little bit easier and most delicious. Stay patient, stay consistent and keep in ketosis! 

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