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5 Tips on Manifesting Your Goals


5 Tips on Manifesting Your Goals

by Manifestation Coach, Beatriz Boas


When I first heard about Manifestation I was 12 years old. It was in my mom’s bathroom (Wait, what?) I know it sounds weird, but it is just because my mom always had books and magazines about health and fitness in her bathroom. One day, I found a book that stood out among them all. It was called “The Secret” and you probably already heard about it, it is a book that teaches us how to attract anything we want, including money, the perfect job, the amazing relationship and more.

There I was, 12 years old fascinated by my mom’s new book. I was applying the exercises and trying to manifest things in my life. It was not until I learned from the best mentors and authors like Dr. Bruce Lipton, Michael Beckwith, Vishen Lakhiani, Deepak Chopra and some others that I really got into evolving my manifestation journey in life.

Today, I am so fortunate how things manifested in my own life and even started my own business where I help people manifest their dreams and live a happier, healthier life. 

Here is the most powerful formula and your steps to manifest anything you want.





Step 1: Intention. 

Before you reflect and state your intention out loud, have clarity around the source where this desire to manifest it comes from. Sometimes we try to manifest something that doesn't come from us, it comes from an expectation that others have, perhaps your parents, friends or even society but it doesn’t sound right in your heart. So when you bring it into your life, it will not be exciting. Also, weak intentions create weak manifestation. Have clarity around your intention.

Step 2: Visualize. 

A lot of people talk about affirmations and how important it is. This is because when you are repeating a sentence that you want to be true, you start to send this message from your consciousness to your subconscious mind; this is the part of your mind that programs your reality and co-creates with the Universe.

If you say it many times and you don’t believe it and don’t feel the emotions it brings, then it doesn’t work. You can be repeating it forever and never manifest it. That’s why visualization is so important in this process. You must picture it happening and feel it. Be very specific, as much as you can, with colors, people, expressions, environment and also emotions. How would you feel with that being manifested in your life NOW. Connect with the present moment and feel all of that happening right now.



Step 3. Trust.

There is no space in the manifestation process for doubts. Faith. This is now part of your beliefs. Your beliefs create your reality. If you don’t believe and trust that this formula will help you, guess what happens? 



Step 4. Gratitude.

Do not belittle the power of gratitude. It has the ability to shift your energy and mindset. Be grateful for the situation you just visualized. Express out loud how grateful and why you are feeling grateful.



Step 5. Surrender.

This is the tricky part but the most important one. Surrender. Let it go. Release the waiting to see these things happening. If you don’t surrender and let it go, it means that you don’t fully trust that the best for you will happen, which means that you are trying to control it. When you are trying to control the things you can’t, you are creating resistance and resistance is an energy that doesn't help you to collaborate with the Universe in order to manifest what you want.



Through these steps, self awareness is the key so that  you can notice any resistance or negative thoughts you might have around your dreams or goals. 

Beatriz Boas is a Manifestation Coach based in Brazil. You can connect with Bea through e-mail to learn all about manifesting your future. 

Email: boasbeatriz@gmail.com

Instagram: @beatrizvb

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