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5 Fit Ways to End Summer & Start Fall


5 Fit Ways to End Summer & Start Fall


With just under a month left in Summer 2020, we’ve entered a crucial stretch for our fitness goals: 30 days (give or take) left to soak up the sun-filled gains before colder weather comes in. But now’s not the time to let dwindling beach and backyard workouts keep you from getting—and staying—fit. Between deteriorating weather and holiday distractions, expect to encounter excuses everywhere in the coming weeks and months. So, in the spirit of preserving your well-earned progress, here are 5 ways you can not only make it through, but maximize that tricky summer-fall transition.


  • Track, Track, Track

If you’re not keeping track of your progress, now’s a great time to start. Whether it’s the weight you’re carrying or the pounds you’re repping, maintaining a data log of all the information relevant to your unique goals is essential to achieving them—because if you don’t know where you are, you’ll have a much harder time getting where you want to be. Consider using a fitness tracking app (MapMyRun) or device (Apple Watch) to make it easy, or go analog with a good old-fashioned hand-written diary.


  • Pantry Purge

When it comes to greasy, fattening summer foods, “out of sight, out of mind” can be a powerful approach. Take a long, hard look at your cabinets, fridge, and other food-filled locales and get rid of all the BBQ snacks and leftover ingredients that won’t do your diet any favors. Once you’ve cleared the kitchen, head to the grocery store to stock up on all the lean meats, veggies, and other whole foods you’ll need to fuel the grind.


  • Drink!

No! Not that kind of “drinking”—we’re talking about old reliable: water. This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but colder weather means less heat, and less heat means less of what makes you typically feel thirsty, which can lead to unexpected dizziness and dehydration. So in the absence of feeling, a simple calculation will keep you on track: just take your body weight and divide it in half, and that’s how many ounces of water you should aim to drink per day. We humans are 65% water, after all… and 75% of us are dehydrated. The RSP Immunity + Hydration Shot helps solve this problem with a potent dose of organic coconut water, electrolytes & minerals (including Himalayan Pink Sea Salt) and amino acids for more rapid and effective hydration than water alone.  So, if you’re constantly finding yourself forgetting to drink water, just grab an Immunity + Hydration shot and take it with you for anytime, anywhere hydration.


  • Shake Things Up

Change can have a profound effect on your fitness lifestyle, no matter how big or small. For starters, break out of the routine you’ve had all summer long if things are getting stale—with digital fitness classes on the rise, there’s a *virtually* unlimited number of new routes to go. Or do the opposite and get outside to jumpstart the burn in the elements. But let’s not overthink what’s working—if you’re enjoying the routine you’re currently in and are seeing results, even something as small as a new pair of training shoes or a wardrobe update can refresh your mentality.


  • Home Kitchen Advantage

Even with many restaurants limiting capacity or closed altogether, the temptation to order food in can still exist. Try to cook more of your meals at home—meals over which you have direct control of which ingredients you use and how much of them you’re putting in. By doing that, you’ll naturally cut down on the salt and sauces that restaurants typically smother their offerings in.




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