• An Expert Sports Nutritionist Review of The Game Changers

    Written By: Tony Castillo MS, RDN, LD Being that The Game Changers came out when I worked with the Toronto Blue Jays, all the minor league teams wanted to know about it. This was especially true after a big-league player said he was going to become vegan. The Game Changers, produced by James Came... View Post
  • A Simple Approach to Meal Prepping

    By: Maya Valenti    If you pay attention to social media and overall trends, I am sure you have heard the term “Meal Prepping” before.   Meal Prepping isn’t just a trend, it’s an essential organizational tool that allows you to save money, control exactly what goes into your food, and (if using ... View Post
  • 8 TIPS For Sticking To Your Healthy Eating Plan

    Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or naturally consume more vitamins and nutrients, there are a number of reasons to adopt healthier eating habits. “Eating with a focus on fruits and vegetables and limiting intake of processed food and added sugar can result in weight loss, ... View Post