February 07 2020

Is It Healthy to Eat Low Carb?

By: Emily Shiffer Carbs are under attack. Low carb eating styles have gained massive popularity in recent years. The keto diet and Atkins diet are both low-carb, high-fat options. And while they’re not specifically marketed as low carb, the Whole...

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January 17 2020

Should You Give Up Alcohol to Lose Weight?

Written by Emily Shiffer   If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re likely cutting out the ‘junk’ from your diet--excess sugar, fast food, anything overly processed. Your fridge is likely full with loads of fruits,k veggies, and lean protein. So...

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January 03 2020

7 Myths About Metabolism

When it comes to reaching our body composition and weight loss goals, many of us have been told that our metabolism holds the code we need to crack for success. But what exactly is the metabolism—and is it as complicated...

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November 08 2019

An Expert Sports Nutritionist Review of The Game Changers

Written By: Tony Castillo MS, RDN, LD Being that The Game Changers came out when I worked with the Toronto Blue Jays, all the minor league teams wanted to know about it. This was especially true after a big-league player...

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October 14 2019

A Simple Approach to Meal Prepping

By: Maya Valenti    If you pay attention to social media and overall trends, I am sure you have heard the term “Meal Prepping” before.   Meal Prepping isn’t just a trend, it’s an essential organizational tool that allows you...

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