• 7 Tips to Losing Weight without the Diet

     By: Karyl Landeau INTRO Are you tired of diet trends?  Rather than dieting, you should try to implement lifestyle changes that are sustainable.  Most diets do not work because they are short term in nature.  A sustainable lifestyle change is a better way to approach weight management.  Rather t... View Post
  • What You Should Eat Post Workout

    By: Gabrielle Kassel   INTRO If you’re a regular exerciser, you probably have your post workout routine down pat: make a pit-stop by the water fountain, wrangle out of your sweat-soaked gear,  shower (or swipe on a stick of deodorant), and then get on with your day. Well, according to experts the... View Post
  • 5 Preworkout Foods Your Body Needs

    by Sara Lindberg,     Why You Should Be Eating These 5 Foods Before You Hit the Gym Do you hit the wall when you workout? I’m not talking about the actual wall you might hit if you flew off the treadmill—although that does happen quite often. No, this is the metaphorical wall that you encounter w... View Post