Five anytime exercises for any and every body

5 Anytime Exercises for Any (and every) Body

5 Anytime Exercises for Any (and every) Body

By Jacqueline Kasen

Whether you are at home, on vacation, or away on a business trip; there is no excuse or reason to skip a workout. By using your own body weight; a workout is limitless and ever changing. The importance of using your own “body” is crucial, because if we do not move our own bodyweight well, how can we load the body correctly? Within your workout it is important to move through three planes; the sagittal plane (forward and backwards), the frontal plane (moving side to side), and the transverse plane (rotational.) In this bodyweight workout, you will be moving in all three planes, as well as, it is a workout you can do anywhere. Remember, the gym is everywhere you are! Here are five bodyweight exercises that are my favorite!

Here’s how to perform your Anytime, Anywhere Exercises:

By performing this workout; it will not only cover all three planes of motion, but it will get you looking better and more importantly; feeling better. Once you have completed this workout, the next time; try performing more of the advanced options or to make it more challenging, move a little bit quicker to increase your heart rate. The gym is everywhere you are and by keeping up with your workouts whether you are at home or on vacation; shows how strong mentally and physically you are. Keep up the motivation and continuing to do your best!

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