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Recover Your Muscles Faster After an Intense Workout


Recover Your Muscles Faster After an Intense Workout

By Nancy S.


Working out to stay fit and build muscle is a good idea. It presents a way to keep healthy and avoid the issues with excess weight. Many people also subject themselves to intense workouts for building muscle. 

However, the muscle-building process does not end in the gym—things you do after working out, like food and rest, influence the process. As a result, you need a good post-workout routine to help you achieve your goals.

Your post-workout routine should help in muscle recovery. This way, soreness and pain can reduce so that your time out between workouts decreases. For everyone interested in proven and effective muscle recovery habits, the tips discussed below will help.

Eat Foods to Help with Recovery

The energy you need for a workout comes from food. As a result, refueling as soon as possible is essential after exercise. Concentrating on healthy meals will help the tissues repair themselves, enhance recovery of the body, soothe your muscles and prepare you for the next challenge. 

For everyone trying to build muscle or perform endurance activities, the right food choice cannot be overemphasized. Strive to eat at least 60 minutes after your workout ends. Your meal should include high-quality protein and carbohydrates for optimum results. 

If you're in a pinch for time, RSP's TrueFit meal replacement powder offers 25g of grass-fed whey protein, 12 organic fruits + veggies, prebiotic fiber, and probiotics. Increasing your protein intake, especially by adding a nutritious protein shake into your diet, can help speed up recovery and help muscle growth.

Consider Organic Supplements

There are times you might need external assistance in the form of supplements to support your muscle recovery after an intense workout. Few organic supplements show promising effects in supporting muscle recovery after a workout. 

For instance, RSP Nutrition's AminoLean Recovery has 5g of BCAAs and EAAs to help promote muscle recovery and growth. Along with essential amino acids, AminoLean Recovery also has an immunity blend and a hydration blend! This post workout supplement can be used daily to not only enhance recovery, but also boost your overall health.

Consider a Cold Bath

Working out causes wear and tear of the muscles. As a result, one will have to deal with swelling, soreness, and inflammation. This is normal and expected as wear and tear are essential for muscle growth. Besides, it is the muscle's way of adapting to the workload. 

For everyone sore after the workout, consider taking a cold bath to help reduce inflammation and boost muscle recovery. This is the concept behind placing ice on painful joints or sore body parts. 

Cryotherapy – a treatment involving exposure of the body to cold or extremely freezing temperatures can help promote muscle recovery. Based on a study in 2017 examining the impact of whole-body cryotherapy on recovery after an intense workout, the researchers discovered that the practice improved muscle damage recovery, and multiple exposures triggered improvement and recovery from pain, damage, and inflammation. 


When trying to recover after a workout, drinking water is essential, which also aids muscle repair. Interestingly, you can rehydrate in many ways. In replenishing the lost body fluid after a workout, strive to drink more than the amount of water you lost via sweat. This is per a 2014 rehydration study at the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Loughborough University, UK.

Many foods help replenish electrolytes of minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. Such electrolytes are primal to the optimum function of the nervous system, which is exhausted when muscles contract excessively. 

As a result, a healthy eating habit with abundant fruits and vegetables is primal to getting enough electrolytes. After a workout, in addition to drinking water, consider stocking up on fruit, coconut water, protein shakes, etc., to replace any lost electrolyte. 

For easy hydration on-the-go, try RSP Nutrition's Immunity + Hydration shots! Each of these shots are packed with premium ingredients, 

Stretch and Massage

The muscles might be stiff and probably sore after intense working out. However, stretching can help loosen up stiff muscles. Consider a short yoga session to loosen up various body muscles; increase flexibility and blood flow. This will support the recovery of muscle and reduce inflammation. 

In addition to yoga, you can try static stretches. It can help tighten the muscle and encourage blood flow to various body parts. For stretching to be effective, ensure you do it at least 20 minutes after the workout session. 

Boost Protein Intake

Protein is the primary food class that helps with muscle repair. As a result, ensure your meal is rich in protein. Make sure you eat foods rich in protein like the ones highlighted below:

  • Eggs: eat boiled eggs after your workout session. It can keep you satiated for longer and help with weight loss. An egg is a terrific source of vitamin E, A, D, K, B6 and B12. 
  • Nuts: in addition to protein, you will get fibers and healthy fats from nuts. Consider adding seeds to your meal after a workout. 
  • Banana: it is rich in potassium and fiber. You can also use it to make a protein shake. 
  • Quinoa: this is a gluten-free source of protein, making it healthy for people with diabetes. 

You can make pre-workout snacks part of your routine since they also help in muscle repair. Snacks are rich in amino acids that can reduce the effect of soreness you will otherwise feel from sore muscle over time. 


Pain and soreness from muscles can discourage you from workout and make you miserable for a couple of days. This makes it essential to consider various techniques to support muscle recovery. 

For adults, Kratom is one such organic supplement that can help deal with inflammation of the muscle, making it a good choice for muscle recovery. You can consider buying from most trusted kratom vendors online to enjoy the anti-inflammatory and muscle repairing effect.

This article has discussed several ways to enhance muscle recovery and reduce pain and soreness after every period of intense workout. 

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