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Strawberry Colada

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Dress like a GO-GETTER in this super cute crewneck sweater! Created in tandem with our ALL-NEW AminoLean GO-GETTER strawberry colada flavor, this crewneck will have you sippin' AminoLean in style!

Big results require big energy. Fuel your greatest ambitions with sweet and refreshing strawberry colada flavors. Stay unstoppable. Be a GO-GETTER.

Energy without compromise

200mg Natural Caffeine

Amino Acids

Green Tea & Carnitine

Zero Sugar


No Artificial Colors

Featured In

Natural Energy

With 200mg of natural caffeine from green tea, our GO-GETTER powers you through your toughest days. This refreshing strawberry colada drink fuels your greatest ambitions and gives you the perfect energy boost - with no crash or jitters.

Performance Boost

GO-GETTER contains amino acids that help boost performance and recovery - to help you perform at your best, feel your best, and put good energy into every occasion!

Limited Edition

GO-GETTER by AminoLean is a special edition flavor of our fan-favorite AminoLean Energy Drinks. There are limited quantities available, so grab yours before they're gone!

What They're Saying


"The flavors are amazing... and the feeling you get from the product is even better!"

Laure P.

"Gives me the energy I need without the jittery feel"

Hailey A.

"The BEST boost of energy."

Justine R.

"It has given me power, motivation, and kept me positive throughout my journey getting back into fitness"

Devin U.

"The taste and energy are amazing and it doesn't make you feel jittery"


"No jitters, tastes great, clean energy!"


Does the GO-GETTER Sweater run true to size?

The GO-GETTER Sweater has an oversized feel - depending on how you wear your crewnecks, you may want to size down!

How long will the GO-GETTER Sweater be available for?

Quantities are extremely limited, and we expect this super-cute sweater to sell out super-fast! It will be available until we are out!

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