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Our all-new AminoLean Energy Drink was created to be an anytime on-the-go energy solution! With 200mg of caffeine, vegan aminos, and 0g of sugar, Berry Elixir will give you a clean burst of energy wherever, whenever. 

Energy without compromise

200mg Natural Caffeine

Amino Acids

Green tea & carnitine

Sugar Free


No Artificial Colors

Featured In

Natural Energy

200mg of natural caffeine from green tea. This energy drink is formulated to take as a pre-workout or anytime you need the perfect energy boost without a crash or jitters.

Performance Boost

With an optimal blend of amino acids, AminoLean boosts performance and fuels recovery.

Weight Management

An ideal blend of carnitine and green tea extract promotes natural weight management to help you maintain a healthy, lean physique year-round.

What They're Saying


"Delicious and give you plenty of energy. My new energy drink of choice!"

Paul R.

"Definitely gives me a huge boost of energy and most importantly it tastes good!!".

Hailey A.

"The BEST boost of energy."

Laure P.

"Gives me the energy I need without the jittery feel".

Andrew L.

"I finally found my new go to energy drink!"


When should I take an AminoLean Energy Drink?

You can take AminoLean 20-30 minutes before your workout for a pre workout boost, or drink anytime for an everyday pick-me-up.

How much caffeine is in one can?

There is 200mg of caffeine in one can of AminoLean Energy Drink.

How many cans can I drink per day?

We would recommend limiting your intake to one can per day.

Will it make me feel tingly or "itchy"?

No, AminoLean Energy Drink should not make you feel tingly or itchy!

What makes AminoLean Energy Drink different from other AminoLean products?

Our AminoLean Energy Drink is the newest addition to the AminoLean line of products. Lightly carbonated and in a convenient, ready-to-drink form, AminoLean Energy Drink is energy on-the-go!

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