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  • Clarity Creamer
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  • Clarity Creamer
  • Clarity Creamer

Clarity Creamer



Clean Nutrition


Highly Ketogenic

Brain Boosters

Your Upgraded Non-Dairy Creamer

Clarity Creamer is an upgraded non-dairy creamer. It is more nutrient dense than milk or other non-dairy creamers because it is packed with MCTs, brain boosting nootropics and has no sugar.

Increase Mental Performance and Focus

Clarity Creamer gets its light brown color from 4 natural nootropics; lions mane, artichoke extract, bacopa and ginkgo biloba, which are 100% plant based and safely enhance brain function and mental clarity.

Quality Fat From MCT Oil 

Clarity Creamer has 7g of quality fat from emulsified 100% coconut MCT oil that is quickly converted into fuel for the brain and body, and not stored as body fat.

Convenient Anytime Nutrition

The MCT Oil in Clarity Creamer is emulsified so it mixes instantly and evenly. Enjoy all the health benefits of MCT oil in a creamy, rich flavor in the most convenient way possible. Simply add 1 tablespoon to your favorite beverage for a creamy finish.




What is Clarity Creamer?

Clarity Creamer is a non-dairy creamer substitute.  

Natural plant based nootropics plus emulsified MCTs oil from coconuts supports healthy energy, brain function, mental clarity and focus.

Simply add to your coffee or favorite beverage for a clean, safe neuro boost


Zero Net Carbs

Vegan & Keto Friendly



Why We Chose This Formula

Enjoy all the benefits of MCTs and natural brain boosters in a creamy, rich vanilla flavor as a delicious boost to your coffee, favorite beverage or morning routine.