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Introducing AminoLean MAX, a higher stim, nootropic pre-workout version of the Original. AminoLean MAX can help you push your fitness goals further and maximize your results. Whether you're going for pure endurance or maximum output, AminoLean MAX helps increase blood flow, enhance energy levels and boost focus, giving you the ability to go harder, faster, and longer.

Energy without compromise

High Energy

Pump Enhancing


No Sugar


Third Party Tested

Featured In

Man drinking amino lean max high intensity pre workout while exercising

Feel the Energy

250mg of natural caffeine plus powerful brain enhancing ingredients like Alpha GPC deliver lasting energy and support an intense mental edge with focus, clear-thinking and concentration.

Man standing with medicine ball next to amino lean max pre workout in sweet peach

Increase the Pump

Nitrosigine® increases blood flow and nitric oxide production, which maximizes muscle pumps and shows significant increases in muscle volume

woman running on treadmill after taking amino lean pre workout

Boost Endurance & Performance

A custom blend of EAAs, BCAAs and beta alanine synergistically work together to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and aid in athletic recovery and enhance muscular endurance.

Which AminoLean is right for you?

Product Image
amino lean pink lemonade
amino lean max passion fruit punch
Product Title AminoLean AminoLean MAX
Product Description Moderate and balanced for anytime energy High-intensity energy, focus and pump
Caffeine125mg 250mg
Nootropics No Yes
Pump No Yes
BCAAs + EAAs Yes Yes
Weight Management Yes No
Sugar Free Yes Yes

What They're Saying


"I love the flavor, the energy kicks in quickly, and it kept me energized throughout the entire day, well beyond my workout."


"I feel more energized and focused during my workouts"

Max M

"Made me believe in pre-workout powders again"


"Intense, focused workout without the crash at the end."

Annwyn F

"Gives me great energy and endurance I need for the gym"


"It tastes great and it makes me feel amazing while doing my weight training"

Customer Reviews

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When should I take AminoLean MAX Pre Workout?

You can take AminoLean 20-30 minutes before your workout for a high-intensity pre workout boost.

How much caffeine is in one scoop?

There is 250mg of caffeine in one scoop.

How many scoops should I take?

The recommendation is to only take one scoop of AminoLean MAX.

Will it make me feel tingly or "itchy"?

Yes, there is a possibility that you could feel tingly from AminoLean MAX Pre Workout. This is highly dependent on your tolerance for beta-alanine.

What makes AminoLean MAX Pre Workout different from other AminoLean products?

AminoLean MAX is our highest-stim pre workout. It contains Nitrosigine and beta-alanine, which maximizes pumps and makes your workout more intense, as well as nootropics for focus. AminoLean MAX has the most caffeine of any AminoLean product, at 250mg. 

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