Learn When You Should Take BCAA's

RSP Nutrition BCAA’s are a key supplement for TeamRSP members.

Depending on the timing you take certain supplements your body will utilize them differently. Throughout this blog you will learn about what effect BCAA’s have when taken before a workout, during or after a workout, before cardio, with calorie restricted diets, and on rest days.


Before Workout:

A popular time for TeamRSP members to take RSP Nutrition BCAA’s is half an hour before their workout. When working out our bodies naturally burn three things for energy: carbs, protein, and BCAA’s. By supplying your body with the appropriate energy needed before a workout your body will perform better and develop more lean muscle.


During or After Workout:

Taking BCAA’s during or after a workout is most commonly seen in the bodybuilding realm. RSP Nutritions intra workout BCAA will assist someone on a low-carb diet or someone who is working out on an empty stomach, called fasted state. Since your body does not have the fuel from carbs it will rely on alternative supplementation to give it energy throughout the workout.


Cardio Workout:

A large trend in bodybuilding is fasted cardio. As mentioned above, fasted state is when your gut is completely empty. Meaning, fasted cardio is cardio done on an empty stomach, typically first thing in the morning. Fasted cardio is common among physic or bodybuilder competitors who are looking to increase fat loss quickly. However, fasted cardio may cause muscle loss since the body has nothing fueling it. In this case, BCAA’s is a beneficial supplement when trying to reduce muscle loss during fasted cardio.


Calorie Restricted Diet:

Similar to working out in a fasted state, you need to supplement fuel for your body with BCAA’s in order to decrease muscle loss while working out on a calorie restricted diet.


Rest Days:

Even when TeamRSP is not working out we are taking our beloved RSP Nutrition supplements on rest days.

BCAA’s are a great supplement for improving recovery and help maintain muscle mass.