You hear and see it all the time; “I lift and train 7 days a week but I can’t grow any muscle.” The frustrating truth is that growing muscle isn’t just finding random workouts online, putting on your coolest gear and grunting the loudest; growing mass comes down to a science. It take a thought out workout plan to get you where you want to be.


Because growing mass is different for everyone; no workout plan should be the same; we will just cover 3 basic MUSTS that should be integrated when designing your own program.

1.Eat More

Its a simple equation: EAT MORE = MORE MASS. Of course you’ll need to be training properly to turn those nutrients into fuel rather than fat but without food you won’t see growth. The contractile proteins and fluid in muscle fibres are broken down and rebuilt  every 7 – 15 days. Training alters the turnover by affecting the type and amount of protein produced. You need a much higher calorie count than you’d usually need , largely to support protein turnover, which can be elevated with training.

2. Sets + Reps 

Creating the stimulus to elicit muscle growth comes down to sets and reps. Doing two little or two many can be counterproductive to the muscle. The muscles get bigger by working against a heavy resistance that forces them to fail after a specific number of repetitions. By using increasingly more resistance at that rep range, you will force them to get stronger and, ultimately, bigger.

1 – 6 reps you are working on strength while 8-15 reps you are promoting hypertrophy: stimulation of muscle growth.  With a hight rep and lower load you can create metabolic stress and pump to the muscle.

3. Compound + Isolation 

Research has found that integrating both types of movements into your regimen will give you more buck for your money. Compound movements systematically offers stress throughout the target muscle and neighboring areas. Adding one isolation movement with two to three compound movements will allow an individual to target specific muscles, accentuating targeted areas of their physique. Overall, adding an iso movement assists in enhancing body definition.